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Zero Liquid Discharge

We all know that Water is life, but still tons of water is being wasted every day by industries as well as by people in their houses. We, at JB Craft Paper LLP, are working with the Go Green concept as a responsible and sustainable RPSFmanufacturer. We are recycled polyester staple fiber supplier across India. At JB Craft Paper LLP, we have installed an effluent treatment plant with all the latest available technology which enables us to process and reuse all the waste-water generated by us during the process. Thus, there is no liquid discharge from the recycling process which certifies us ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE unit with the adoption of zero water discharge methodology. JB Craft Paper LLP impressively decreases the requirements of water which helps to keep environmental resources intact for the future generations: An endeavour to being an efficient EPR services agency in India.

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Renewable Energy

We believe in sustainable development; means we fulfil our present needs without compromising with the needs of future generations. At JB Craft Paper LLP we have installed 2.1 MW of Wind Turbine and 1.2 MW of solar power plant. Further, we are having a power purchase agreement with a third party generating renewable power. In total, around 25% of our power requirement is being fulfilled by renewable resources which further reduces our carbon footprint. Therefore, along with being the major rPet flakes producer, we try our best to contribute to a better planet.

With this, we are also focussing on Pet fiber recycling across the Globe with a structured manner. We feel proud for being a green group of India and we will continue to further build on its renewable energy sources.



Quality Research Organization

JB Paper was certified with QRO certificate for maintaining it’s quality and standard of paper. QRO certification program is
intended for the one’s who combust the waste.

QRO Certification LLP presents a service to the clients which covers the asssessment and certification of Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 and Environment Management Systems based on ISO 14001.


Forest Stewardship Council Certified

Forest Stewardship Council ensures that the forest is being managed in such a way that it preserves biological diversity
and benefits to the life of local people and also the workers. At the same time managing social, environmental and
economic standards.

As JB Paper is blending with all the standards so got certifie from Forest Stewardship Council.