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Corrugated is a structure of three layers. The outermost layers are called test-liner boards and the centre most wavy layer is called flute .In corrugated we produce four types of boxes:-

i.) Single Phase Corrugated This type of corrugation consists of two single sheets of medium size, consisting of a liner board in medium.

Shades of corrugated case materials

Paper Tube

Paper Tube

Paper Tube is made from the wood pulp which means it has zero wastage and can be easily recycled. This is also known as Paperboard Tube and can be used in many ways like mailing, crafting, shipping etc

We produce paper tubes from180-450 GSM(Grams per Square Meter)with 250 Ply Bond onwards.

Paper Bag

Paper bag consists of a single layer of paper or multiple layers of paper. Paper Bag is the best replacement of plastic bags.

Paper bags are used for carrying goods like clothing, fast food, groceries etc. We produce paper bags from100-120 GSM(Grams per Square Meter)with only28 Bursting Factor.

Card Board

Cardboard includes all the heavy paper products mainly including corrugated one’s. Their structure can range from thick paper which is well known as paperboard to the most heavy one known as corrugated.

We produce cardboard paper from 350-550 GSM(Grams per Square Meter).